2019.06.16 – 8th World Kungfu Championship Results

Congratulations to all of our SDWC competitors at the 8th World Kungfu Championships in Emeishan, China on June 16th!
We had 5 competitors with a total of 9 medals (2 golds, 1 silver, and 6 bronzes). Great job everyone!

Seth Burns
Men’s Group C Pu Dao (Kwan Dao): Bronze
Men’s Group C Shaolin Quan: Bronze

Sydney Ly
Men’s Group D Jian (Straight Sword): Bronze
Men’s Group D Cha Quan: Bronze

Hayley Ross
Women’s Group C Cha Quan: Bronze
Women’s Group C Dao (Broadsword): Bronze

Randy Ross
Men’s Group C Cha Quan: Silver

Leianna Yuen
Women’s Group C Other Southern Styles Nanquan: Gold
Women’s Group C Other Traditional Weapon: Gold

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